Humint is a branding & innovation lab that helps the world get digital currency.

Humint is a branding & innovation lab
that helps the world get digital currency.

Currency is the economic lifeblood of companies, governments, and societies. As the world becomes more connected, mobile, and socially conscious, new digital currencies are changing perceptions of value. This is creating opportunities for organisations to improve the way they do business and spark change.

Humint helps brands create custom currencies and ecosystems backed by good. Each unit is a vote of approval for organizations who believe in both Purpose and Profit, benefiting business by building true loyalty and wealth within entire supply chains.

Be a mint for the good of humanity.

What We Do

Humint is the first consultancy to bring brands and digital currency together.

Bitcoin and Digital Currency Briefings

Get you and your team up to date with this fast-changing industry. Humint's team of experts and insiders conducts workshops and briefings to introduce and explain the latest innovations and discover opportunities that add value to your current offering. We demonstrate how digital currency can benefit your brand, supply chain, customers, and stakeholders at all levels.

Custom Digital Currency Creation

Creating a "coin" is one thing, but doing it properly at the technical level, in a way that promotes your vision and benefits your brand, is a challenging proposition. Whether building from scratch or merging it with your current loyalty program, our team of technologists works on the forefront of Bitcoin and other currencies, and can build custom solutions that fit your brand's needs.

Strategy and Promotion

Beyond the technical specs of your currency or loyalty program, making it useful and relevant to your customers and stakeholders is what will ensure success. This means going beyond technology and connecting with your base. Our team includes industry veterans that help craft your unique value proposition, ensure that it's a positive force in the world, and work with you for a successful launch.

Branding and Design

Humint's design team has created truly innovative services and applications for Bitcoin businesses (see and Hive among others) and we bring our experience to work for you, keeping the product and assets on-brand and ready for a seamless launch. Besides currency branding we build apps (Web / Android / iOS), websites, retail POS interfaces, and collateral such as physical coins and paper wallets that all work together in a single ecosystem.


We are a multilingual, global team of marketers, technologists, and radical thinkers.

Wendell Davis


Wendell is the founder of Hive, an easy-to-use Bitcoin wallet and merchant discovery platform. Before finding himself in the clutches of cryptocurrency addiction, Wendell was a game developer (Midway) and an Internet entrepreneur (Meetro, Zooomr, Splice, Kitchensurfing). He is passionate about decentralization, operational security, and, paradoxically, excellent user experience design.

Calvin Soh


Calvin was a combat engineer sergeant, fast food chef, traffic at Ogilvy, account executive, Fallon NY and Mnpls ACD, Fallon Asia President and ECD, and Publicis Asia Vice Chairman and CCO. Now he's an urban farmer, founded Ninety Nine Percent to focus on ideas that democratize good, on the Board of the Singapore Productivity and Innovation board, speaker, and is married, a father, and thus impervious to pain and suffering.

Lars Kluge


Hacker. Berlin, Hamburg, and now New York. Previously CTO and Cofounder of Kitchensurfing, lead developer at (acquired by Google), CIO at, and 13+ years experience as software engineer. Degree in Computer Science from the University of Applied Sciences Wedel. Plays capoeira, snowboarding, rock climbing, kite boarding, traveling, and never lets too many words loose.

Adam B. Levine


Adam B. Levine is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Let's Talk Bitcoin! A blog and twice weekly show about the Ideas, people and projects building the digital economy. Adam has created more than 90 hours of free, educational Crypto-Currency content, frequently speaks at conferences and is always looking for the next most interesting project. Adam also raises quackless ducks.

Michael Keferl

Dir. Strategy and Innovation

Michael is a partner of Mandalah a global innovation consultancy, creating new products and services based on a philosophy of Conscious Innovation. An early-adopter and believer in cryptocurrency to revolutionize financial access, his work with prominent Bitcoin businesses has led to a deep understanding of the intricacies of bringing digital currency to the world. Michael loves hiking the Japanese alps and eating street food in Asia.

Matt Innes

Design Director

Matt Innes is the co-founder & creative director of Idealogue, a Melbourne-based digital studio. He has extensive experience in brand, web, print & motion graphics in Japan & Australia. Recent work includes the information site, an advanced bitcoin web wallet, and a lightweight site for iconic Australian burger joint Huxtaburger.

Jesse Heaslip

Exchange Ambassador

Jesse is the CEO of a white label Bitcoin exchange platform based in Vancouver, Canada. Jesse has deep ties to grassroots technology communities as a founder of Launch Academy, organizer of Pixel Crafters, and Global Facilitator for Startup Weekend. Jesse's involvement in Humint stems from his desire to leverage technology to create positive change in the world we share.

Josh Shore

Entertainment Ambassador

Josh Shore is a transmedia producer, digital strategist and social entrepreneur. He has founded various socially transformative communities and serves as a strategist and advisor for entities in North America and Asia - helping them to build brand equity, develop content strategies, activate communities, and initiate new (r)evolutionary initiatives.

Pete Earle

Chief Economist

Pete is an economist, financial markets professional, writer, and analyst. He has spent nearly two decades trading in and studying global equity, derivative, commodity, currency and other offbeat and esoteric markets. Pete has published numerous articles on economic history, spontaneous order, and liberty. He is currently the game economist for Firefall, a free-to-play MMOFPS, reads voraciously, and is working on several writing projects.

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